Upcoming Events / Package Specials

Miami Stardom offers its followers access to the coolest parties, guided entry, and bottle reservations to the hottest nightclubs and bars in Miami and South Beach. Furthermore, we present party packages that have all inclusive service at reasonable rates. From open bar, limousine transport and express entry to the hottest nightclubs in the area.

We constantly maintain up-to-date information of club choices and best places to party, so that our clients obtain the most accurate selections possible. Miami Stardom will provide guidance to the best events and hidden gems to and will offer its customer’s VIP services and hosting assistance to these venues.



Call/text at 305-735-9847 or email us at info@miamistardom.com for information on upcoming events and party package specials.

In your inquiry, include the following:

  • What type of accommodations you would like? Guest-list or VIP Reservations
  • How many people in your group. #Ladies #Men
  • What date would you like the VIP service.
  • What music preference. What you like to dance to.
  • Do you need table reservations.
  • Do you need party packages.
  • Any other requests? We would love to hear from you!