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So you are looking to go out in Miami but not sure whom to contact to get you access to the party? Miami Stardom provides an elite yet convenient and guaranteed way to enter South Beach hottest nightclubs! The EXPRESS ENTRY SERVICE allows you to be in our guest-list at our parties and meet a STARDOM host that will escort your group into the nightclub without the hassles of waiting in long lines or being picked out from the crowd. Best of all, with our Express Entry Service, you will be placed on our guest-list and not have to pay a cover to get in. However, we do charge a small fee to set you up and escort you into the club so you do not have to be stuck outside the nightclub waiting to get in.

Our Express Entry services start at $10-$20 per person and the price range depending on the nightclub selection.

We encourage groups of ladies or mixed groups for this service. We will not be able to provide the Express Entry service to ONLY guys, as it is required for groups of men to have a VIP table reservation at the nightclub in order to get in. If you are looking to get access to nightclubs with your group of guys but are not looking to spend on table services, you can also try one of our South Beach Party Packages to get a guaranteed access to the nightclubs.

All of our nightlife services come complete with the personalized attention of a VIP host. He/she will be there to meet with your group to provide you with the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly.

Don’t gamble on other hosting companies that tell you to print out a voucher to give to the doorman who won’t even take the time to acknowledge your presence. That’s not VIP access at all, whereas, our connected VIP hosts will take you right into the nightclub with fast track entry.

We work with the following South Beach nightclubs for our Express Entry service:

  • Mynt Ultra Lounge
  • Wall Lounge at the W hotel
  • Mokai
  • Clevelander & C-Level
  • Bodega
  • Nikki Beach
  • Pearl Lounge
  • Mangos’ Tropical Café

If you are looking to reserve your Express Entry Service, give us a call/text at 305.735.9847 or email us at with your request.

Reservation Process:

  • We recommend you to email us your details, a picture of your group and music preference so we can suggest what will be the best nightlife venue for you.
  • For entry to STORY, Mynt, Mokai, and Pearl sorry to say but looks does matter as these clubs has a strict door policy for entry. So we recommend for groups of ladies who would like to attend these clubs to email us a picture of your group for faster consideration and guaranteed service.
  • Reservations is recommended to be made at least 24 hours in advance to guarantee complete booking. Any reservations made prior to 24hrs of the event date are subject to availability.


  • Ages: 21 and over
  • Dress code is strictly enforced on all venues
  • Express Entry is ONLY provided to groups of ladies for complimentary admission
  • For mixed groups, there must be an equal amount of ladies to males or more females in the group preferred. Guys will receive reduced admission
  • Prices and venues are subject to change and all services are based on availability
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Express Entry Service is not available for special events at nightclubs and major holidays including:
  • Express Entry service is not provided on Memorial Day Weekend, Winter Music Conference, or New Years.

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